Day 30 – Detecting Empty Pick

Many times I need to be able to know if my pick statement returns nothing or something so I can react differently. I finally figured out a good way to do this.

ruleset a60x526 {
  meta {
    name "hash-pick-detect"
    description <<
    author "Mike Grace"
    logging on

  global {
    dataHash = {
      "one": {
        "name": "Mike"
      }, // number
      "two": {
        "random": 8
      }, // number
      "three": {
        "name": "Alex"
      } // number

    }; // dataHash

  } // global

  rule detect_the_pick {
    select when pageview ".*"
    foreach dataHash setting (key, value)
    pre {
      userName = value.pick("$.name", true);
      length = userName.length();
    if (length > 0) then {
      notify("Key: #{key}","Name: #{userName}<br/>Length: #{length}") with sticky = true;
    notfired {
      raise explicit event empty_pick
        with pickedKey = key;

  rule empty_pick_found {
    select when explicit empty_pick
    pre {
      pickedKey = event:param("pickedKey");
      results =<<
        Key: #{pickedKey}<br/>
        doesn't have a name associated with it to pick from
      >>; //' fixing syntax highlighting
      notify("An empty pick was detected",results) with sticky = true;
  • 12-23 hash to pick from
  • 29 iterate through top level hash elements
  • 31 pick name from hash element and ALWAYS return results in an array – second optional parameter of pick tells it to always return an array
  • 32 get length of array returned from pick
  • 34 if the length is greater than 0 then we know it found something to pick from the hash
  • 37 if the action block didn’t fire because data wasn’t found to pick then raise explicit event to process that situation

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Gratuitous day 30 Grace face

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