Day 29 – URL Encode Strings

For those late evenings when you just need a good cold URL encoded string….

ruleset a60x525 {
  meta {
    name "uri-escape"
    description <<
    author "Mike Grace"
    logging on

  rule ehskahpeh {
    select when pageview ".*"
    pre {
      restfulYql = "";
      queryStatement = "select * from html where url=''";
      finalThingy = restfulYql + uri:escape(queryStatement);
      appender =<<
      append("body", appender);
  • 11 movie reference

App run on with bookmarklet

Get the bookmarklet to try it out yourself!

Gratuitous day 29 Grace face

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One Response to Day 29 – URL Encode Strings

  1. SS says:

    Is there an equivalent uri:unescape function ? (doesn’t seem to work – but hoping there is one by another name).
    PS: Thanks for a wonderful series btw. Given the somewhat patchy official documentation – your blog is a lifeline of KRL syntax and options (more like an (un)official cookbook 🙂 )

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